Intérieur de la Galerie Vivienne

Galerie Vivienne

The Galerie Vivienne, a famous covered passageway in Paris, was built in 1823 by Louis-Auguste Marchoux, President of the Chamber of Notaries, to plans drawn up by the architect François-Jacques Delannoy. Its exceptional location in the heart of Paris, its beautiful neoclassical decor in the Pompeian style and its many shops have given the Galerie Vivienne great prestige for almost two centuries.

The Académie des beaux-arts has been co-owner of the Galerie Vivienne since it was bequeathed by the Comtesse de Caen in 1870. A major restoration project, recently completed, has restored all its beauty of this emblematic Parisian passageway. The Galerie has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1974.

5 rue de la banque
75002 Paris

Intérieur de la Galerie Vivienne
Verrière de la Galerie Vivienne
Moulures de la galerie Vivienne
Couloirs de la galerie Vivienne